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Not a proper burial

5 June 1985
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Hi! I'm Maureen ~People call me Mo too.. lol. I'm a gamer/anime/hentai nerd; I luv nature and animals and am going for a Bio major in collage; I like to read - usually about religion, myth, and warfare... or refference books, lol. I also like to fish, and to draw and paint... I sound so interesting don't I? lol... Well, I'm more than open-minded and am always up to meeting new people, so feel free to browse =P ttyl
Strengths: I'm way to empathetic; somewhat intellegent; easy to please; open-minded; a bit nutty; blunt; creative; always looking for a challange; polite; lives to explore, and make people laugh.
Weaknesses: Easy to manipulate at times; can't spell to save my life; can be clumsy; shy; can't tell a lie; can get stressed easily; somtimes gets too attached; saying no; and cookies...
Special Skills: Easy to trust and confide in; artistic; randomness
Weapons: Daggers; stealth; lockpicks; pockets; and great timing ^.~
Dislikes: Liers; users; racists; misquitoes; pandas; religious fanatics; cleaning the inside window in the car.

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